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"It has been a pleasure working with Operation Enterprise on a number of Enterprise initiatives.  Ali has been inspirational to both staff and students. We look forward to taking the work this year forward and building on its success for our next year’s Start-up club and Enterprise Society."

Enterprise consultancy projects

Education Consultancy

As enterprise education consultants, we have been privileged to work with a huge range of institutions; helping them to enhance their current enterprise provision as well as cement entrepreneurial learning into the curriculum.

Via staff training sessions, strategy development, college/student businesses and a whole host of other projects, we have garnered a reputation for delivering innovative and on-point solutions.

After all, if you want to develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, who better to task with the challenge than the entrepreneurs of today?

We have both directed, and collaborated on, a wide range of consultancy projects including:

  • Leading on a government review of enterprise education
  • Writing and delivering CPD training for a wide range of staff - teaching and support
  • Writing enterprise strategy papers
  • Building and delivering networks
  • Developing sponsorship strategies and corporate links to ensure the sustainability of projects

and many more…

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