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  • The joys of running my own business

        I love running my own business. There is nothing quite like it. I love that I have taken nothing and made something. That down to my sheer ingenuity, perspiration and bloody-mindedness, I have supported my family for yet another month and will be able to for at least another month to come. Each month. For the foreseeable future and, hopefully, well beyond. That I have only myself to thank for what I have achieved, and only myself
  • How to encourage girls to consider working for themselves

    Business is a man’s world. The language used, the rhetoric, even the way we do business – it’s all very male-led. I guess that’s probably not much of a surprise given that, back in the day (and even in some cases still today!) women were expected to be the homemaker and men were the ones going out and bringing in what was needed to keep the family going. However, times have – broadly
  • How Barking and Dagenham College keeps the entrepreneurial spirit alive

    Here Cathy Walsh explains, as London develops eastward, how Barking & Dagenham College is keeping that East London Entrepreneurial spirit alive and well.    “We all know that jobs are hard to find and whether students work for themselves or others, an entrepreneurial spark – something that has always been associated with East London communities – will stand them in good stead.  Entrepreneurialism is fostered, encouraged and integral to the delivery of the curriculum and the College
  • Meet Lisa!

    Number 1 best selling author, international speaker and award winning serial entrepreneur, Julian Hall is behind the concept of Ultrapreneurship - making entrepreneurs more successful. Here he writes for us about a student who wants to start her own business...Meet Lisa, a qualified nail and beauty technician who lives the south of England. Having had a job in the city of London for many years she decides to head down for some of that good old country life.  Leaving
  • The Confident Entrepreneur

    Yvonne Bignall AMAC MIoEE, Awardwinning trainer,Creator of Launching Women in Business (MWIB) for Womens Confidence in Business Start up. Inspiring women to make the rest of their life the best of their life, with a business they love. Proud mother of one, avid fundraiser and author writes for us.... The Confident Entrepreneur Is being a confident entrepreneur important? Is it really necessary to increase confidence to enter the world of business? First, let’s look at the statistics